Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Girl, Unallocated's Forensic Report Writing Cheat Sheet

I know I haven't posted for a while, it's been slow going, on all fronts.  This post is mostly a mental note for myself, as I am sure I will need to reference it in the future.  A few weeks ago, Girl, Unallocated put up a great post on her methodology for creating a Forensic Report, post analysis.  The cool part is that in looking at the flowchart, there appears to be sections that can be built now, and filled in with details when the analysis is performed.  If I'm smart, I'll get to work on this now, and save myself the work later on.

I don't mind the writing aspect of the work.  Forensic reports or DIACAP packages, it doesn't matter to me.  The data and results has to be communicated to someone, and some type of report is necessary.  I suspect that that sentiment is true to almost all segments of the IT field.  But, good (report) writing helps us in our fields to better communicate what we find; and in turn, it helps others make decisions and/or judgements that lead to next steps.

I urge other forensicators to read her post, linked to here.