Monday, May 27, 2013

Testing out CommaFeed to replace Google Reader

In order to replace Google Reader, I've been looking at different platforms and companies.  I had been set on migrating to Feedly until I saw this come across my desk.  CommaFeed is an open source web application that comes pretty close to replicating Google Reader.  Actually, it has a couple of features I did not see in Google Reader (like showing feeds that are non-existent in another color.)  I'm not very social with my news, I use the reader to aggregate it for me.

So far, I'm impressed with CommaFeed; I like it a lot.  The proof will come in the next couple of weeks as I put it through it's paces.  This appeared to be a light weekend, without an influx of many posts; so it is tough to gauge.  But we'll see.  Should I move on to another reader, I'll update this post.

WhiteHat Security's interview with a Blackhat

These links came through my blogreader over the last couple of days.  WhiteHat Security ran an interview with a reformed/converted blackhat hacker.  The interviews give a good insight as to what some companies are not doing right, and help show what should be done to tighten the defenses.  Be warned, some of the language might not be work-safe.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3