Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Webkinz, NeoPets, Club Penguin, etc. internal security

I sat down to type out a quick post questioning the security of these sites, as my youngest has been enjoying Club Penguin of late. In going through the security blogs I read, I came across the following posts:
Martin has a great post
Brian's post from the Washington Post.

Martin's post was along the lines of what I was going to post. But, I was going to go a step further. There are laws regarding data breaches and customer notification if there are data breaches. How do those laws impact these sites? What happens if those sites suffer a data breach. Do we get notified? It seems that every stuffed animal maker has a online site related to the animal. My kids are huge into the Webkinz. My youngest likes Club Penguin, but my oldest has moved on to UB Funkeys. They've been on Ty's Beenie Baby site if I can remember correctly. And I know my oldest has been on NeoPets; but I think that will stop for a bit.

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