Thursday, May 15, 2008

866-201-4573 and 315-207-4761: What's the point?

These two numbers have been calling my home land line incessantly. Literally, the callerid has four or five calls from these numbers each day. Also, the callerid shows up as "Unknown Caller." Typically, I don't pick up when it says "Unknown Caller" or any of the derivatives. However, after a couple of days of this nonsense, I figured it was about time I found out who it was and what they wanted. I've answered a couple of times now, and each time the caller asks for "John." (There's no John here.) When I've inquired about a last name, I get a different last name, or something un-intelligent.

I google searched the numbers and got a hit for each number. The results are a message board with similar complaints. When I last checked the message board, there was no real answer to the problem. Were they just verifying that my number was a legitimate number? A residential number? I'm never asked anything else, no name, no address, nothing.

After my searches, and with what I (don't) know; I've just started filing a complaint with the Do Not Call list. I figure, if I add the number each time I get a call, something will get done.

If I had the time, and I thought I could pull it off as well, I'd try this.


  1. could be one of these companies:

    1) Degree Street

    2) Lifescript

    3) Mypoints

    4) Wyndham Resorts

    5) Cosmopolitan Magazine

    6) eFax

    7) American Express

    8) Lending Tree

    9) Quality Health

    10) Options Media

    11) Q Interactive

    12) Rewind Promotions

    13) Frontline, Inc.

    i tried to sign up for free rockstar energy drink
    and when i found out it cost money i backed out but it was too late they already had enough info for contact

  2. I need to add CI Institute to the list. I accidentally deleted the number from callerid. When I get it again, I'll add it to the main article.