Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some lessons learned from my last trip

I just got back from my latest testing trip and I've come up with a small list of things that I learned from the trip. For this trip, there were a couple of items I didn't bring, and need to remember for future trips.

Wire-bound notebook - I brought my planner, and figured that would be enough. A) The planner is just too big to carry around. B) I was carrying around more than I needed. C) A notebook will be great as I can date the pages (and number them) for each testing engagement. D) The notebook will be smaller (and lighter) than the planner.

Site Physical Security Checklist - While this is loaded on our test laptops, there was no easy way (in this particular case) to get access to a printer. I need to remember to print this out ahead of time so I can use it on site.

Notebook mouse - wired or wireless, doesn't matter. My wrists were killing me after using that pointer above the B. And the touchpads were horrible. A USB travel mouse will go along way.

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