Monday, December 8, 2008

Retina and scanning network sizes

I just got back from my latest testing engagement. Overall, it was a good trip. The site was not as prepared for our testing as they thought they were. And, as such, they were not as happy with our results. Suffice to say, they have some work to do. However, it seems that the team hasn't been together that long, so there is much upside, and I'm sure they'll come together.

And again, for the second straight trip, this organization had "problem children" that seemed to flaunt the fact that they were not going to play by the established rules. Of course, it will all come out in the documentation.

The lesson learned from this trip: break up the Retina network scanning of clients into subnets. There are over 500 hosts in my .rdt file. It's my fault, I let the IASO perform the scan (although I was watching over his shoulder.) But, that file is huge. And it's impossible to load into Retina. It takes forever to load and produce reports. Besides the size advantage, scanning by subnet will aid in keeping the files manageable.

I have another trip scheduled in two weeks, so I'll get to put it all into practice.

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