Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is it me, or is the TSA getting stricter on what we can carry?

After this trip, I will have been testing two of the last three weeks. (And I've already got a trip planned in March.) But, on the last trip, and on this trip, I've had my laptop bag given the extra once-over by TSA. On the last trip, the TSA rep in Kansas City took my bag apart and let me know the problem was with my cable tester. I've traveled many times with the cable tester, and only now did it cause a problem. When I asked what the (specific) problem was, I was told that "it contained a scary image on the x-ray machine."

On this most recent trip, it was the hub that caused the commotion. I didn't get an explanation; I didn't ask. As an incident responder at heart, I like to have everything with me that I might possibly need. The lesson learned is that I'm going to have to check most of the tools that I keep in my bag. I've always packed my tools (snips, screwdrivers, etc.) but it looks like I'll be packing and checking more of the tools in my bag. (Truth be told, I don't mind shedding the pounds.)

My question is, is the TSA getting stricter, or have I just gotten lucky in the past.

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