Thursday, February 10, 2011

New DISA Checklist and STIGS - February 2011

This is a little late, as I believe these checklists and STIGS started showing up early this week.

  • Browser Security Guidance
  • Generic Desktop Application STIG
  • Domain Name System Checklist
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 STIG
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Secure Remote Computing STIG
  • UNIX Security Checklist
  • Windows OS guides
  • Enclave STIG
  • IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC) STIG
  • Microsoft ISA 2006 Proxy STIG
  • Removable Storage and External Connection Technologies STIG
  • Voice and Video over Internet Protocol (VVoIP) STIG
  • Web Server STIG
  • zOS STIGs

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