Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Practice/Test Forensice Images

I passed my GCFA about a year ago; and forensics and incident response have been my passion.  However, as a DoD auditor, I don't get to the forensics and incident response jobs as much as I would like.  Auditing is great, and I've been exposed to more and more of the offensive side of the security fence than I would have guessed.  As a former application developer, I have gravitated towards the application pen-testing arena; and have learned much and really like it.

To that end, I feel my forensics skills getting a little rusty.  So, I've been looking for ways to stay sharp.  I started compiling a list of the various sites that housed test images.  And in the process, I found that Forensic Focus has a good list:

Forensic Focus Test Images and Forensic Challenges

I'll update this post with other sites and compendiums that I find in the future.

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