Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sony Security Timeline

I don't have an iron in the fire, however I wanted to track how this story plays out; mostly so I could refer back to the timeline.  The poll on Slashdot the other week got me thinking about the various security issues Sony has faced over the past couple of years.  So, I briefly compiled this list.  I'll update it as it plays out. 

10/31/05 - Sony BMG copy protection rootkit scandal
Mark Russinovich's blog posting

2/9/11 - Sony Retweets the PS3 key
FuriousFanboys article

4/17/11 - Sony PlayStation Network hacked
Wikipedia article

5/20/11 - Phishing site found on a Sony Thailand server
F-Secure posting

5/22/11 - Sony BMG Greece hacked
Sophos posting

5/25/11 - SONY Ericsson Canadian e-commerce site
Sophos posting

6/2/11 - Sony Pictures
ISC posting

6/4/11 - Sony Europe
Zero Day posting

6/6/11 - Sony Computer Entertainment Development Network
The Epoch Times

6/9/11 - Sony Portugal
Naked Security

I must have missed a bunch, because this article mentions the 20th breach:
6/20/11 - Sony Pictures France

7/5/11 - Sony Music Ireland
Naked Security

edit:  5/25/11 - add the Canada hack
6/3/11 - add Sony Pictures
6/6/11 - added Sony Europe
6/7/11 - added Sony Computer Entertainment Development Network
6/9/11 - added Sony Portugal
6/20/11 - added Sony Pictures France
7/5/11 - added Sony Music Ireland

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