Monday, July 4, 2011

Back from vacation

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, I'm back from vacation.  I read a good book, and took some time to flesh out where I seem to be headed.  Vacation gave me a chance to look at the big picture and work out some of the issues I see in various career paths.  I really don't know where the government job is headed; I know where it is supposed to be headed.  But I fear what the company is doing is not enough, and I think we are losing out on contracts we should be winning  A year from now, will the company still be here? I suspect "yes" but I'm not sure our division will.  At least, if it is, I'm not sure that it will look anything like it does now.

So, I've been putting in extra hours with my own company.  I've joined a different Chamber of Commerce, one that is more local; and I hope to derive more business from the people I know.  I prefer to run my own business, as it gives me more pleasure.  Sure, there are more pressures, but I'm pushing to build the client base such that I can be more reliant on my own business.

Tomorrow, it will be back to the grind.  At least I have a clearer head. And we'll see where this all goes.

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