Thursday, May 31, 2012

To Screenlock or Not a mobile phone

Being a security guy, I keep security in the back of mind.  Quite often, I put that knowledge to use when I least expect it.  I've had a cell phone for quite a while, many years in fact.  I've never used anything like a screen lock; be it a password or a pattern lock.  And I've got two different ways of thinking.

1.  In order to be secure, I know that I should lock my phone.  That way, should I ever lose the phone, misplace it, or, the phone gets stolen, I'll have "some" barrier (however strong) to prevent the casual person from snooping on the contents.  I know that it won't stop a determined attacker, but it should stop the low-hanging fruit masses.  I've seen different locks, both password-type locks and pattern locks.  Either one would be fine by me.

2.  The other side of my brain says "Hey, what happens if you are in an accident and EMS needs your phone?"  Does EMS do that?  Meaning, do they go to victims phones to contact someone, or for identity?  Are they allowed to.  I remember seeing the "news articles" back when cell phones were getting more popular that you should have an "ICE Contact" (that's In Case of Emergency.)

So, what's a good choice?  What balances out security with peace of mind?  Am I mis-informed about what EMS can and can not do?

What's your opinion...

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  1. Set a passcode on your phone. Create a custom background image with your emergency poc info. Use the custom image as your locked screen background pic.