Saturday, November 3, 2012

Leaving phones/laptops unattended while charging

Like many places, we got hit hard by the hurricane.  We're without power, heat, and hot water.  We don't have a generator, so charging the myriad of gadgets has been problematic at best.  Some neighbors and friends who have power have been great.  And a couple of the local businesses and the local library have set up temporary "charging stations."  It has been a huge blessing.

However, some people haven't taken the security of the phones or laptops very seriously.  While in Walgreens charging my phone, I watched people hook their phones up to charge, then go shop; leaving the phones unattended.  While it would be hugely crass to take advantage of people in this situation, the security side of me can't help but cringe.  With so much of our lives tied into our phones (and laptops) it seems extremely foreign to me that I would leave my device unattended.

So please, take care of your phones and laptops...make sure that they are secure.

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