Monday, May 12, 2014

SANS SIFT 3 and the Desktop Share

I had the new SIFT 3.0 downloaded for a while, but I haven't been using it as much as I would like.  I've been using the older 2.x version. One of the main reasons is that on the 2.x version of SIFT, there was a desktop shortcut that took me directly to a directory of the host OS.  This is missing in the 3.0 version of SIFT.  I fully admit, I don't know linux as well as I know Windows.

Quickly reading up on the issue, and I found that this mount to the guest OS should be found in mount_points/hgfs.  I had that directory, but nothing was populated there.  And, in the Virtual Machine Settings, I had the Shared Folders set to Always Enabled.  Still nothing.

On a reboot, I noticed that there was an update to VMWare Player.  I updated, and checked the mountpoints directory, but still nothing.  One last google suggested running

Sure enough, after answering the questions, that did the trick.  Now, in the mout_points/hgfs folder, I see a subfolder for "C".  Bingo.

Now I have to get used to Unity and finding what I used to be able to find in SANS SIFT 2.x.

If anyone else has tips on making that transition, feel free to leave advice in the comments.

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