Thursday, January 10, 2008

I hate failure...

In myself, at least.
I don't mind it in my sports teams, they have a history of failure. Some of them should be listed in the dictionary, as the very definition of failure.
But I don't like it when I can't get the resolution the client wants.
Case in point.
I was called to a client's machine the other day. This machine had no firewall, no anti-virus (or anti-anything software,) and was wide open. XP home, not admin password and no user account had a password. After somewhat locking down the situation, SpyBot almost broke with the number of problems it found. I cleaned that up, ran all my tools. The client was thrilled. I left a firewall, and some security tools so that the machine was relatively defended.
But that wasn't all.
It turns out the printers had been removed, and IE wouldn't run. AOL ran, but not IE. Looking into this further, it appeared the RPC process was corrupted. It looked like I was going to have repair that. At the last minute, I decided to look again at the event logs. And there it was.....the system log was one big red X. It was littered with disk hardware failures. And, I could pinpoint where the troubles started. At this point, since it was a Dell desktop under warranty, I thought the best option was to have them swap the drive out.

I just don't like NOT being able to finish.

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