Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I suspect we're under attack

I'm only consulting for my former company, I go in a couple of days a week in order help train my replacement. However, due to politics, I've been given an end-date of a couple of weeks. I'll never be able to train my replacement in that time, so I do the best I can.

I still help out with network support and security work It's the least I can do. Over the past week (? maybe more) the firewall has been puking "Attack Alerts" to the admin mailboxes. We're getting so many alerts it's fastly filling up my mailbox. I've talked with the sys admin, and he isn't doing anything about it. (Unfortunately, it's not technically in my domain, my doing anything would be tantamount to heresy.) I can only suggest. Today, I logged in to find a ton of mail. I wonder, if, to some extent, the company is under some kind of dos attack. If enough of these attacks are aimed at the firewall, will it finally crash?

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