Thursday, July 31, 2008

Information Security Attitude - Jekyll & Hyde

Normally, I'm a laid back, easy going, trusting, fun-loving guy. At least, I like to think I am. However, when it comes to computer/information security I'm sort of a Jekyll and Hyde. I turn into someone who is cynical, paranoid, and sometimes delusional. I almost never plug into an untrusted network for fear that my information is being sniffed. And I don't trust anyone or their networks. While I like the internet and like reading all kinds of blogs/stories/sports scores/etc, there's probably zero chance that I'm going to read those stories in an airport or coffee shop. I just don't know who else is watching/listening.

Andy has a great post on what he's overheard on his commute to work. And it got me thinking about the little pieces of information you can pick up, without trying. Cell phones are probably the greatest enabler.

Sure, I could not trust my home or office internet connection, or EVERY other server that my information traverses, but you have to start trusting somewhere.

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