Monday, July 14, 2008

Zone Alarm fix for internet connectivity

This should have gone up yesterday. I took a look at the announcement on Zone Alarm's page. I followed the link for the Zone Alarm Basic firewall, and noticed that the version for download was 7.0.483.0, which was greater than what was installed on my machine. If you have performed one of the other suggestions (lower the slider to medium, or uninstalled the MS patch) you can follow these steps to put everything back to normal.
Download the new version from Zone Alarm's site.
Once downloaded, install.
Click on Upgrade.
Let it finish. Reboot.

When the machine is rebooted and everything is back to running fine, connect to the internet to make sure there are no lingering issues. Then, either move the sensitivity slider back to high, or wait for Automatic Updates to tell you to install the patch (if it's not done in the background.)

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