Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Windows Vista - and Gold Disks

Two things.

Work got me a new laptop. It came in with XP Pro installed. As I was joining to the domain, the backup security officer mentioned that the IT steering committee decreed that all newly provisioned laptops are to have Vista (Enterprise) and Office 2007. So, it was back to the drawing board as I re-installed an OS and Office.

I must say, Vista (Enterprise) has run without any hiccups despite what I had previously read and experienced. I have a Vista machine down at my own office to run the accounting software for my own company. That machine is a Home Basic machine, and I think it runs like crap. But, my Vista Enterprise laptop has been running fine. The only issue I see so far is that the group policy for automatic updates does not seem to be working. I've run gpupdate to force the policy, but I still have the option to change the automatic update settings. And, I don't think that is correct.

Secondly, does anyone know if there are DISA Gold Disks that address Vista? Vista's been out for a while so I'm surprised not to see those disks. When I read the checklist for Vista, the checklist ONLY talks about reviewing a system manually. Is there a specific reason for that? Just wondering as I start to get into the new job.

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  1. Its been awhile since you made this posting...and to this date there still is no Gold Disk for Vista...and none coming out..yet the DOD has mandated that Vista is to be pushed out to all machines...mmmm..guess we find other ways to ensure our machines are hardened.