Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yahoo mail spam vs. Gmail mail spam

I've had a yahoo mail account for years, and it is what I use for my primary personal mail address. At one point, Yahoo was going through some growing pains, and I opened a Gmail account. I think I sent mail to four or five people before I realized it was a pain to have to check two email addresses just to read personal mail. So, I abandoned it. However, I check it from time to time, maybe once a week. The last time I checked it, I found 400+ spam messages. 400+. I barely used the account, and barely received much mail. I just don't understand why the account gets so much spam; especially since I never publicized the email address.

Either way, the spam looks like it might contain lots interesting messages to investigate. I'll have to send them to one of the work addresses for further analysis.

But, if anyone can shed some light as to why that account gets so much spam, I would love to hear it.

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