Sunday, November 16, 2008

Helix v2 - and the new Bruce tune..."Working On A Dream"

I'm sure it is WAY old news, but I just discovered that there is a new version of Helix out there. First, on Friday, my office-mate asked me about computer forensics. Now, I'm not a forensics guru by any stretch of the imagination. However, I mentioned that I had used Helix in both IR and a CF situations. Later, we were trying to find rpm based live CD distributions. I found a list here. However, I did not see Helix listed. So, I quickly surfed over to Heilix's site and discovered that there is a new version out. I have something to play with. And to answer my question, Helix is based on Ubuntu.

I heard the new studio version of "Working On A Dream" while watching Sunday Night Football. While I like the new tune, I was disappointed that they only played about 15 seconds worth of the song. NBC made it sound like we were getting the whole song prior to half time. And yes, I've heard the acoustic version as performed at he Obama rally.

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