Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Incident Response Checklists

Lenny, at the SANS Internet Storm Center put together some really good cheat sheets. I'm linking them up here so I don't forget where they are. Also, from his site, he links to other cheat sheets. I printed off two sheets on a heavier card stock when I took the GCIH class, and they are firmly tucked away in the jump bag.

Without further ado:
Lenny's sheets - and there are links on the left to print them out
SANS Windows cheat sheet
SANS Linux cheat sheet
Checking Windows for Signs of a Compromise
Checking Linux for Signs of a Compromise

As I mentioned before, I have the SANS' sheets printed on card stock. They work perfectly. If there are other sheets that are worth linking to, let me know. I know SANS is putting together more cheat sheets and they have a call out for ideas.

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