Friday, September 26, 2008

Uninstalling Nero 7 on Vista and burning ISOs

In order to burn the Gold Disks, we download the .iso files. Great. However, on this version of Vista, I couldn't find a method to burn the .isos to CD. I could burn files (or, I guess music too) to CDs; but not .iso images. So, while at home, I found an old Nero cdrom that had come with a drive I had bough a while ago; and I installed it on Vista. I'm scheduled to go testing next week, so I thought I would burn a couple of copies of the Gold Disks to take with me. Lo and behold, Nero 7 doesn't work properly with Vista. It doesn't recognize the burner in the laptop. Great. However, a little Googling found a great post on a free Vista iso burner.

I downloaded it, and it works like a charm. I whole heartedly reccommend it.

So, I went to uninstall Nero 7. That didn't work. It appears that there's an error in the middle of the uninstall, and it stops the process. A little more Googling found another great post on how to uninstall Nero 7. A couple of things to point out:
  • The article mentions downloading Nero 7 Ultimate Edition. When I went to perform this task, and follow the links, there was only a Nero 8.
  • Download Nero 8 and install that.
  • Keep following the directions and download and run the Nero Removal Tool
  • Then, uninstall Nero 8.
Worked like a charm. Yes, there were a couple of reboots. But, I'm glad it's all worked out.

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