Sunday, May 17, 2009

A backup strategy that does not work

I preach to my clients that backing up is crucial. And, they should think out their backup strategy so that there is not one single point of failure. The school system I work with used to round-robin their backups between their servers. They have since moved to a backup vendor that stores their backups off site. Good thing, as problems like what I've snipped from Slashdot can occur:

"Flight Simulator community website Avsim has experienced a total data loss after both of their online servers were hacked. The site's founder, Tom Allensworth, explained why 13 years of community developed terrains, skins, and mods will not be restored from backups: 'Some have asked whether or not we had back ups. Yes, we dutifully backed up our servers every day. Unfortunately, we backed up the servers between our two servers. The hacker took out both servers, destroying our ability to use one or the other back up to remedy the situation.'"

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