Friday, May 8, 2009

GCFA - thinking about it

I'm pretty sure I want to go for my GCFA. SANS is running a great deal. First, Rob Lee is teaching the class in the @Home format. I took the GCIH with Ed Skoudis in that format. The format is great (@Home is a great learning environment) and I like taking the course taught by the course author. And second, I received a voucher for 25% off. That seems like a great deal, if not a sign I should be taking the class. All that said, computer forensics (and IR) is where my heart lays, in the security field.

I've gotten my manager's approval. It will mean putting off studying for the CISSP, which I don't really have my heart in right now. And, I may need to push for a "career-path" so to speak at the job. Would I do inside incident response and forensics? Or, would the company start exploring IR and forensics for its normal clients?

Either way, it's looking like I'm going to go for it.

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