Monday, November 28, 2011

Apple IOS interim STIG guidance (and a mobile device draft STIG)

I happened to be checking today and I noticed a couple of updates:

Windows 7 benchmarks were updated on November 9th.
Apple IOS interim guidance was released November 17th.
A draft for the General Mobile Device (non-Enterprise Activated) was added November 21st.

From the Apple interim guidance memo:

When approved by the Component CIO, the guide may be used to configure Apple iOS devices for limited deployment, pilots, and demonstrations.

Regarding the General Mobile Device (non-Enterprise Activated) STIG, I noticed the following:

The STIG requirements apply to a smartphone or tablet that does not connect to the DoD
network or a DoD email system, and does not store or process sensitive or classified DoD
This is as of today's date.

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