Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Google Talk Spam on my Android phone

For the first time, I have received, what I believe to be, SPAM through Google Talk on my Android phone.  I don't use Google Talk, at all, so I'm 100% positive that this is spam.  Upon looking at the notification in the notification bar, I see:

crazieannaxx3@aol.com wants to chat with you.  Will you accept?

This is a vector I haven't seen before, and if anyone has more information, I'd love to hear more.


  1. well, i received the same message and i also never used talk. how can i deactivate google talk?

  2. I've had the same issue as well, and I don't use Google talk at all either. The most frustrating part is that even though I choose "Block" on my phone in the request window, the name still ends up in my contacts in google! Not the overall contacts where google saves everyone you've ever emailed or who has emailed you, I mean the "My Contacts" area that is also synced with your phone!

    Have you figured out any fix for it or found any other resource?

  3. I've had this happen. The only solution I've found is to disable automatic sign in for Talk and then sign out.

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  5. What's even WORSE, is when I hit ignore to these.. I see them later in my Android Phone Contacts?!?!?! WTF?