Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finding hostnames on a Subnet

We have offices all over the world.  What I came to learn today is that there are two countries where we have very poor visibility into our own corporate networks.  To the point that I suspect that they are not managed very well, if at all.  I know I chase down malware in a couple of the networks on a daily basis. 

One of our admins asked me if there is a way that we can get all of the hostnames on one of those subnets that we don't have much visibility to.  NMAP would have worked well, but I wanted to come up with a command that I could have had a non-technical person run and send me the output. So, using a little Command Line Kung-Fu, I came up with:

for /L %A in (0 1 255) do nbtstat -A "XXX.XX.XXX.%A">>hosts.txt
Substitute your subnet for the Xs in that command.

It worked like a champ.  I suspect that there is an easier way to do this, but this worked easy enough.

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