Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hunting for Zeus Throughout the Network

I average finding a little more than one Zeus infection a day.  I know the reasons.  The root causes are there are some major security controls missing from the environment due to culture.  Adding those controls is a challenge and is a long-term strategy.  We are in the infancy of a Security Awareness campaign that is just starting to teach people the dangers of clicking on links in Spam or falling for phishing.  Occasionally, the FireEye sensor would alert to someone clicking a Zeus link.  I suspect more click the links than I am aware.

Using the Check Point's SmartLog, I've worked up a little query to help me spot some of the big outbreaks.  I grabbed the domains from the ZeusTracker, and built a mini-query (which I then pasted in the query bar.) 

dest:(domain or domain or domain or or ....)
Periodically, I'll check the domains on ZeusTracker and run a diff to see what enters the list and what gets removed.  I know that there are better ways to do this, and I'd love to implement  some of those methods.  High on my list is adding a Snort box, or even SecurityOnion.

A small win for the day, but at least I can find these machines.  Hopefully, when I've built up some metrics, I can support changing the environment, and use the number of infections cleaned up as the driver.

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