Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Now what?

Saturday, I went down to my office to take advantage of some free time to pay bills, do some accounting, etc. I noticed outside that it was getting ready to rain; so I decided to get home before the rain started. On my way back to the car, I see a guy headed for the front lawn of the office building carrying what looked like a real estate sign.


I go do an errand, and instead of heading right home, I circle back around my office building. Sure enough, there is a For Sale sign on the front yard of the building. Great. Then it starts pouring.

After I get home, I fired off an email to my landlord; asking what's up. He replied that he "just got an investment opportunity" and needed to sell the building.

Fast forward to today, and I get a phone call from the landlord asking me if it would be ok if he showed my office; a prospective buyer had just flown in today. Yes, he normally gives twenty four hours notice. It doesn't matter to me, so I said yes.

I can't imagine this is good. A best-case scenario has my rent doubling, probably. A worst-case scenario has me looking for new office space (though I could be doing that even in the best-case scenario.) This is not the stress I need.

I plan for all kinds of issues, and try to have some kind of fallback for some of the risks. This was one risk that I had on the "low" side of the list. It wasn't the issue I thought I would be mitigating right away.

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