Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wireless ATM?

[caveat: I don't know much on the mechanics of ATMs. I've seen the inside of one while it was being repaired, but that's about it. The machine in question was a stand alone unit in a bagel shop, not in a bank.]

The other day, I took my son to a local bagel shop for lunch. As we went in, there was a woman standing by the door, not in line to get anything, and holding her bank card and her wallet. I didn't think much of, I just looked to make sure my son wasn't cutting her in line. We place our order, wait five minutes, then leave.

On the way out, I notice that one of the managers is talking to her, and the only thing I hear as we walk by is "honestly, I can't tell you much, the machine connects wirelessly."


I must have mis-heard him. That can't be, can it? Like I said, I don't really know the mechanics of how they work. I have a (real) high level understanding. But, I would have thought the machine would have connected via a hard wire of some kind. I never would have guessed wireless. So.....Where's it connecting to? How many other machines connect to the same location? And really, what's the security like on that connection?

One of these days we're going to have to go down there, get bagels, and eat in the car. And I may just have to bring the laptop.

I'm still surprised by what I heard. I hope someone can set me straight and either fill me in on what I (probably) missed; or explain how the machines really work.

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