Friday, June 20, 2008

Wireless ATM update

I took the kids for bagels the other day. Since school is out, there are lots more kids out and about; and apparently many of them hit up the bagel store during lunchtime. (Ed. the bagels at this place are really really good.)

So, since I had to wait in line (and that line stretched out the door,) I figured I would casually check out the ATM. There's a sign on it that states that it is owned by the store. On top, is a mini-antennae, with a cord going into the kiosk. While casually looking around, I could not find an access point in plain site. What I can't answer is if the store has an access point in the back somewhere, or the signal goes "off premises."

This needs checking out. And I would NEVER ever use this ATM.

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